NYS Bowling Proprietors Statewide Grassroots Campaign

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“The NYSBPA was faced with a proposed sales tax that would have put our proprietors out of business.  When we needed Empire the most your team was there to develop and execute a winning strategy that helped keep many of our upstate bowling centers in business.”  ~ Kathleen Leitgeb - Executive Director, NYSBPA

Empire has represented the New York State Bowling Proprietors Association on a wide variety of issues from taxes to the State Liquor Authority.


  1. Directed a statewide grassroots coalition to help get bowling reopened during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.
  2. Successfully mobilized the industry to attack a proposed tax on bowling centers.
  3. Attended all industry conferences and gave presentations on legislative activities as well as long range strategies.
  4. Convinced state agencies to implement regulations that would allow bowling centers to increase their revenues through special events.
  5. Assisted individual business owners with operational issues and problems.
  6. Coordinated Albany “Legislative Days” and introduced members to key state legislators.
  7. Wrote and submitted numerous memorandums in support of, or opposition to legislation.
  8. Researched and authored white papers in support of industry position on sales tax issues.

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