Long Island Railroad Third Track Outreach Campaign

Posted By empire On March 13th, 2020 In Uncategorized

The Third Track Project is a $1 billion dollar initiative to add an additional track running between Queens, NY and Bethpage, Long Island that would allow the LIRR to run additional trains both east and west to increase capacity for commuters in and out of Long Island.

Challenge:  Empire was tasked with collecting support for and/or neutralizing threats from public officials, business leaders and community groups.

Empire’s team led a grassroots education campaign reaching 57 elected officials, hosting multiple public forums, galvanizing support in a majority of the impacted communities. 

Solution:  The project involved in-depth community and grassroots outreach in eight local communities represented by 51 public officials and with 16 key civic organizations, as well as a number of other groups such as volunteer ambulance corps, volunteer firemen, sanitary sewer district officials, and commercial and residential property owners whose properties were located in the proposed project area, among other stakeholder groups.

Result:  Empire successfully engaged 57 elected officials at the federal, state, county and local level. After a year and one-half of ongoing meetings with stakeholders, public officials, trade groups and industry organizations, six of the eight communities either gave their tacit consent for the project or were neutral. The remaining two were neutral but were interested in amenities in exchange for dropping their, potential opposition. Unfortunately, the MTA chose not to  move along with the project at that time.

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