Albany’s Coming Back, So How Will It Impact You?

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We are very distracted with Covid-19, demonstrations and a variety of other critical happenings. Government, whether we like it or not, continues to function. This is an update on some of the happenings in Albany. We will periodically share with you other information that may be of interest. In the meantime, stay safe and enjoy the summer weather.

Yes Virginia, there is a legislature…

The New York State Assembly and Senate have held periodic sessions in Albany over the past two months. Using a remote voting program major legislation has been passed affecting police departments throughout the state. Both houses have passed a bill to ban the use for chokeholds and have taken away the confidentiality of police disciplinary records. Other bills passed have dealt with COVID-19 issues. The primary season will end on today (June 23rd) after which the members are expected to return for an abbreviated session. At the end of every session a massive number of bills are passed, many of which deal with strictly local issues.

Rank and File Want Their Powers Back

Members of both houses are anxious to get back to Albany to assert their powers after watching three months of government by Executive Order. To date Governor Cuomo has signed over 200 such orders requiring people to wear masks in public, setting up social distance criteria and a whole host of other mandates on New York residents. The state constitution gives strong powers to the Governor in times of crises, so there is nothing that they can take away, but some will try anyway. It should be an interesting power struggle.

More Affordable Housing for New Yorkers

For a period of 10 years New York banking institutions have helped thousands of homeowners with over $330 million in grants and funding for development of affordable housing from Buffalo to Montauk Point. Under Assembly bill A.8040 and Senate bill S.7329, as much as $300 million in fresh dollars would be available for first time home buyers and other families seeking such housing. You can help by e-mailing to Governor Andrew Cuomo at and ask his support for these important bills. This legislation has been requested by the Federal Home Loan Bank Board, covering the district of New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Problems with Getting Federal Funding
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