A Democratic Super-Majority – What Now?

By Anthony Figliola…..

Now that the New York State Senate has declared a super-majority, which brings along with it the distinction of being a veto proof majority of the legislature.   The Senate democrats will now hold 43 of 63 seats in the upper chamber come January 1, 2021.

So, what will happen in 2021?

Will the legislature move to override vetoes from the governor?  Will they begin to flex their independent muscle?  The short answer, unlikely.

For years the Governor has used his decades of Albany experience to out maneuver the legislature on a host of budgetary and policy issues.  He was able to accomplish this through utilizing political capital and leveraging budgetary items that individual members desperately wanted.  Talk about the Art of the Deal, but Cuomo has been a shrewd negotiator and typically comes out on top during negotiations to the chagrin of many state legislators in his own party.

A veto proof majority gives this independent and co-equal branch of government a negotiating chit during the budget negotiation process that takes place between January and March.  It will also give them a stronger position in seeking gubernatorial support on policy proposals.

However, Cuomo continues to ride high in the polls as a result of the COVID pandemic, so they will have to pick winnable battles.

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